Gi-RES is a company operating in the field of geosciences, founded in 2011 after the approval of the CNR board of directors as a spin-off in December 2010. The Gi-RES partners are two freelance geologists, two researchers of CNR Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources, department of Turin (IGG) and a researcher of the “G. Scansetti” Centre (University of Turin).

Furthermore, an established network of consultants qualified in structural geology, hydrogeology, petrography, remote sensing, chemical analysis, electron microscopy and computer science completes the framework of capabilities and services offered.

The Gi-RES staff is skilled in the fields of geology, environmental chemistry and geo-engineering.

The services it provides focus on studies implementation, conceptual and numerical model developments in the following fields:

  • slopes dynamics;
  • landscape evolution and interference due to human activities;
  • environmental geology;
  • geology for land use planning and engineering works;
  • structural geology;
  • hydrogeology;
  • geological diagnostic inquiry, geotechnical and hydrogeological monitoring planning;
  • rivers evolutional trends;
  • geological and geomorphological studies for archaeological researches;
  • remote sensing.




Gi-RES S.r.l.
Società di Spin-off del CNR
Via Gottardo 223 - 10154 Torino - P.IVA/C.F. 10611850016 - Email: info@gires.it