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The Italian National Research Council (CNR) is a public entity providing, promoting and transferring the research activity and its applications in the most relevant knowledge development sectors, for a scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the Country. The CNR consists of more than 11.000 employees, more than 1 billion Euros of research budget, 109 institutes, 7 thematic departments, for one of the most relevant research networks in Europe.


The Institute of Geosciences and Georesources (IGG) is a research body of CNR (Department of Earth System Sciences and Environmental Technologies), based in Pisa and having six branch offices located in different Italian towns. The Institute is composed of 89 employees as researchers, technicians and administrative staff, 65 associated university teachers and 22 fellows and external collaborators. The institute director is Dr. Sonia Tonarini, Research Manager of CNR. The IGG investigates the geological evolution of the earth, in order to understand its future equilibriums. The realization of models concerning the fundamental geological processes governing our planet is the departure point for the mitigation of natural risks as earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, flooding and for the forecast of global changes and natural resources management in the sustainable development policies. The institute follows applied researches in the field of hydrogeology, geology, environmental geochemistry, geothermic and greenhouse gases emissions.


The IGG Unit of Turin is hosted by the Department of earth Sciences of the Turin University, with which it stipulated a framework contract. The IGG Turin is involved in base geological researches, geological mapping, stratigraphic and structural analyses, petrographic and mineralogical characterisations, geochemical analyses of rocks and materials. These activities represent a base for applied researches commissioned by public and private entities. The research activity is complemented by didactic and tutoring, carried out in the frame of the hosting university structures. The IGG mission is of increasing the knowledge of fundamental geological processes by means of researches conducted in different international geological contexts and of increasing the quality and quantity of data and geological models, with particular reference to its own regional territory (Alps, Po Valley, Northern Appenine).


GDP consultants is composed of a group of professionals active since more than twenty years in the field of engineering geology and of geomorphology for land management. GDP supports designers and construction companies in complex geological contexts, operating in constant connection with the research world, in order to provide products with high technical-scientific standards. GDP skills include geology and structural geology, geomechanics, geomorphology, remote sensing, hydrogeology and geothermic, mining geology, geological surveys during construction operations, project management.

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