Gi-RES provides consultancy services of risk assessment in the field of geosciences.

Defining an adequate geological model, that serves as a guideline, is a foundational element for land use planning and engineering works. The staff, a team of freelance geologists and researchers in geology and chemistry, operates according to the state of the art in complex geological and environmental context and during critical engineering works.
The synergy among geological research, soil data analysis, analytical approach and tridimensional characterisation of the structural context led to the development of an innovative geological risk definition procedure, in particular in asbestos natural occurrence. This procedure enables an accurate preliminary evaluation of fibrous mineral presence, distribution and chemistry.
Technical and scientific approach implementation run side by side with procedure’s testing in a real size project (SPEA – Prog. Definitivo Variante autostradale di Genova; COCIV – Terzo valico ferroviario di Genova). After a fine tuning phase, the procedure of detection, sampling and predictive analytics has been deeply applied during executive design of the whole Gronda di Genova track.
Moreover, Gi-RES works in all industrial sectors where geological, geomorphological and environmental analysis of significant soil volume covers an important role for geological risk evaluation, engineering work integration and sustainable land use planning.
To support all these activities, it deals with smart geological database construction and management.

Gi-RES S.r.l. is a spin-off company of the CNR (Italian National Research Council), shared by researchers of CNR-IGG (Institute of Geosciences and Earth Resources), chemist researchers at the Interdepartmental Centre for Studies on Asbestos and Other Toxic Particulates “G. Scansetti” of the Department of Chemistry (University of Turin) and freelance geologists with specific technical skills.

Gi-RES S.r.l.
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